Portrait Name Research Areas E-Mail
Model-Based Reinforcement Learning, Trust-Region Reinforcement Learning, Variational Inference philipp becker does-not-exist.kit edu
    celik does-not-exist.kit edu
Deep Probabilistic Models, Imitation Learning, Movement Primitives ge li does-not-exist.kit edu
Deep Probabilistic Models, Model-Based Reinforcement Learning, Multi Task Learning v shaj does-not-exist.kit edu
Geometric Deep Learning, Imitation Learning, Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning niklas freymuth does-not-exist.kit edu
Computer Vision, Imitation Learning, Robot Grasping nicolas schreiber does-not-exist.kit edu
Bayesian Deep Learning, Variational Inference philipp dahlinger does-not-exist.kit edu
Variational Inference, (Hierarchical) Latent Variable Models, Multimodal Density Estimation, Mixture Models, Diffusion Models denis blessing does-not-exist.kit edu
Imitation Learning, Offline Reinforcement Learning xiaogang jia does-not-exist.partner kit edu
Imitation Learning, Human-Robot Interaction, Robot Grasping xinkai jiang does-not-exist.kit edu
Human-robot Interaction, Imitation Learning, Learning from Human Feedback Aleksandar Taranovic does-not-exist.kit edu
Reinforcement Learning balazs gyenes does-not-exist.kit edu
Geometric Deep Learning, Variational Inference, Model-based Reinforcement Learning tai hoang does-not-exist.kit edu
Associated PhDs
Portrait Name Research Areas Group E-Mail
Deep Reinforcement Learning, Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning, Trust-Region Reinforcement Learning BCAI Tübingen Fabian Otto bosch com
Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Variational Inference BCAI Tübingen Fabian Duffhauss bosch com
Computer Vision, Meta-Learning, Robot Grasping BCAI Tübingen Ning Gao bosch com
Imitation Learning, Riemannian Manifolds, Robot Motion Learning, Variational Inference BCAI Renningen hadi beik-mohammadi bosch com
Computer Networking, Geometric Deep Learning, Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning SAP (GCS Innovation Office) andreas boltres com
Computer Networking, Deep Probabilistic Models SAP (GCS Innovation Office) saleh gholam zadeh com
Transfer Learning, Computer Vision, Robot Grasping Bosch Renningen roman freiberg com
Portrait Name Position
PhD Student
Research Scientist, Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence

Job Applications

Interested in PhD positions in our lab? Even if there are no official openings at the moment, there might be opportunities for excellent candidates. If interested, please send your details to Gerhard Neumann.

We are also always searching for good student research assistants (HiWis). Here, we are searching for people with experience in Python, PyTorch, ROS, and Unity. You will extend our libraries for robot control, simulation and reinforcement learning as well as playing around with the HoloLens 2. If interested, please contact Gerhard Neumann